Kidney Stone: Symptoms, Causes, Herbal Remedies & Treatment

Kidney Stone:
Kidney stones are hard mass deposits that form in the kidney or ureter. They are made up of tiny crystalline minerals and acid salts that settle out of the urine and stick together.

They could vary in size and texture and can usually go unnoticed until they cause a blockage. This can then cause excruciating pain as they make their way into the ureter (the urine carrying tubes that connect the kidneys and the bladder).

 Symptoms of Kidney stones :
Generally, Kidney stones go unnoticed until they begin to move to the ureter and block the urine flow, causing severe pain. Here are a few symptoms of kidney stones :
  • severe pain in the groin and/or side
  • blood in urine
  • vomiting and nausea

  • white blood cells or pus in the urine
  • reduced amount of urine excreted
  • burning sensation during urination
  • persistent urge to urinate
  • fever and chills if there is an infection

Causes of kidney stones:
A cause of kidney stones is a lack of water in the body. Stones are more commonly found in individuals who drink less than the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a day.When there is not enough water to dilute the uric acid, a component of urine, the urine becomes more acidic.An excessively acidic environment in urine can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Types Of Kidney Stones:
Kidney stones can be classified into different categories depending on their chemical composition. The most common types of Kidney stones are:

·        Calcium Oxalate- This is the most prominent Kidney stones in 80% of patients. Formation of Calcium Oxalate stone is due to decrease the urine PH level and high intake of calcium as a dietary supplement.
·        Uric Acid Stones: - Uric Acid stones occur in 10% of patients. This is because of High Intake of purine-rich food, red meat, and organ meat.
·        Struvite stones:- Struvite stones form in response to an infection, such as a urinary tract infection. These stones can grow quickly and become quite large, sometimes with few symptoms or little warning.
·        Cystine stones:- These stones form in people with a hereditary disorder that causes the kidneys to excrete too much of certain amino acids (cystinuria).

The most common Ayurvedic plants & Herbs for Kidney stones:
·        Hajrul Yahood Bhasma: Hajrul Yahood (Hazrul Yahud) is a type of stone, also called as Ber Patthar. These stones are fossilized stones. The main composition of these stones is Lime Silicates. It is having excellent Lithontriptic,  Anti-lithiatic & Strong Diuretic properties.

·        Pashan Bheda: As a diuretic, the herb helps to flush out small stones and gravel along with urine.

·        Gokhru Bada: Used as demulcent, diuretic, antispasmodic.

·        Kulthi: Lithontriptic,  Anti-lithiatic

·        Varuna: Diuretic, antilithiatic, and anti-inflammatory
·        Bharangi: Diuretic.

So those people who are prone to nephrolithiasis or having kidney stone needs very precise and accurate solution for their problems.

So here is the best herbal medicine for Kidney stone which contains all these ingredients that is Lithostone Capsule. 

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