Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone

Lithostone Capsule: Lithostone capsule from MyshaHealth World is the best ayurvedic medicine among all the herbal ayurvedic medicine.

Main feature and benefits of lithostone capsule which makes lithostone capsule the best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone:

·        Onset of action: Lithostone capsule in its recommended dosage (2 Capsule twice a day) starts its action within 4-6 hrs. The Sign of Lithostone Capsule action can be seen by its diuretic effect.

·        Efficacy: Lithostone Capsule possess very good efficacy against kidney & urinarystone or renal calculi. Generally, Lithostone capsule takes  15-30 days for removal of small calculi (0.01 mm to 10mm) & 1month to 3month for larger calculi.

·        Therapeutic dosage: Lithostone Capsule has been prepared based on traditional science of ayurveda and herbs are added as per the requirement for therapeutic results.

·        Scientific Formulation: Preparation of Lithostone capsule has been formulated after the strong clinical and scientific research by our highly qualified research & development team. So the formulation is having high rate of success.

·        Immediate Symptomatic Relief: Lithostone capsule provide symptomatic relief in shorter duration after start taking medicine. Lithostone capsule provides immediate relief in
  •         Abdominal Pain
  •         Burning sensation during urination
  •      Painful Urination

·        Convenient Dosage Form: Lithostone capsule is easy to take medicine at anytime, anywhere.

·        No Side Effect: Lithostone capsule has no side effect in its recommended daily dosage.

So based on above properties, Lithostone capsule from Mysha Health World is the best ayurvedic herbal medicine or ayurvedic treatment for kidney stone.


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