Role of Kulthi for the treatment of Kidney Stone

Kulthi / Horsegram / Moth Bean: Chemical name of kulthi is  Dolichos biflorus Linn.

Kulthi Dal

Kulthi is also known as Kulthi Dal or Kulthi Beans. Kulthi is considered as a food in many parts of India like other pulses or Dal. Kulthi Dal is a very rich source of protein and is commonly used in rural area in main course in food. It is mainly cultivated in India. Kulthi is also considered as a main part of weight loss diet.

Kulthi is having excellent medicinal properties and used to treat various disease like:
  •         kidney stone as it dissolve the kidney stone and prevent the formation of kidney stone.
  •         Jaundice as it prevents from liver damages.
  •         Water retention as this is having excellent diuretic effect.
  •         Blood Pressure as it lower the blood pressure.

Specially this is extensively used in rural for the treatment & prevention of KidneyStone as it can dissolve the kidney stone and inhibit the formation of kidney stone.

Now a days, Some of the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company also use Kulthi as a main ingredient in their proprietary medicine for kidney stone.

LithostoneCapsule is having Kulthi as one of the main ingredient. Lithostone Capsule is a result promising ayurvedic proprietory medicine from Mysha Health World.


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